FastNet Online Marketing Services: Website Health Check

Website Health Check

Is your website working for you?  

The real test of a website is:
  • Does it attract visitors?
  • Are they the visitors you wanted?
  • Do they stay when they arrive?
  • Do they visit the pages you want them to visit?
  • Do they stay in touch?

This comes down to a few critical things:
  • Can search engines find you?
  • Are your key words and metatags and post titles the right ones and are they in place?
  • Is the content of your website clear and direct and user friendly?
  • Do you have many good links in (and links out)?
  • Is your site attractive to visitors in design and layout?
  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • Are there clear and easy ways for your visitors to do what you would like them to?

Website Health Check

A Website Health Check will examine at all these critical areas (availability, attractiveness, relevance and content) using tried and trusted analysis tools and research, to give you a full report on:
  • Full analysis of web data, seo and analytics
  • How your site is working and where it may be falling down
  • An action plan in each of the critical areas to maximise the potential of your website
  • A re-check in two months time to assess the impact of any recommended changes

What tools do FastNet recommend to test a website?

Google Analytics is the best visitor analysis tool by far, used in 85% of checks
Google Keyword Planner will check what people are searching for
Google Webmaster Tools has a host of speed checks and crawl checks and will check links in and mentions of your  site in great detail
XML sitemap for blogger will generate an excellent sitemap that ensures search engines read all of your content
Screaming Frog SEO crawler will check how and why your site is rating on search engines
Built with will tell you where a site is hosted, analysed and what it is built with
Alexa will tell you the value and ranking of your site worldwide

We will run a full health check for you for €95 Euro and provide a report on how your site is working and where improvements can be made.