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Copywriting Service: - pain-free content - questions to ask yourself

The main reason websites don't make it online? Many people feel daunted about coming up with that all-important content.  Others simply don't have the time to do it.

The ultimate test of your website? People should not just read its content, but be motivated to act on what they see there - whether to order a product or service, accept an invitation, make a donation or whatever.

Can you write the content yourself?  Yes, you can.  But the facts show that most people who set out to write their own content never do it, despite the best of intentions.  Whatever the reason, if you haven't come up with the copy and the visuals within two weeks, statistics show you're almost certainly never going to.    

FastNet can help - we will:
  • Interview you about your business, group or organisation
  • Produce six pages of text 
  • Add it to the website
  • Emphasise key words for Search Engine Optimisation
That's it. Painless and you can rest easy knowing that the job is in the hands of an experienced marketing and copywriting team.

Photographic Service

Good, clear, attractive images and photographs not only enhance the look of your website but are shown to make text more credible and memorable. Proven scientific fact!  If you don't have internet-quality images for your website, FastNet can help.  We will:

  • Visit you at your business or group
  • Take photographs 
  • Crop resize and adapt for the net
  • Add them to the pages of your website
 All you have to do is smile!